Satan is a “Sweet” Liar

We’ve all been there……..the thought goes something like this:

I can have one bite of that dessert. I’ve had it before and my weight didn’t change.

If I have that cookie now, I can just exercise more to burn it off.

I just weighed in so I have (fill in the blank) X amount of time to get rid of the calories before my next weigh in.

You know the “self talk” you go through. STOP it! You are not hurting anyone but yourself. You wanted to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. You can not do it if you continue to lie to yourself. Sugar is bad for you, period. It has no redeeming qualities for our body. We need a variety of protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and even fat but not sugar.

Giving the devil his due, because he has been around a lot longer than we have, he will try anything to keep you chained to the very addicting sugar habit. Take control back of YOUR body and leave the sugar alone.



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