Program Hints

Plan Your Meal…..Work Your Plan

This might sound easy but many don’t take the time to plan their meals for the next day. Then when the sun comes up in the morning they plunge into their day without an inkling of what they will eat. This is a great way to set yourself up for disaster.

Change now, if you really want to lose the fat! A good idea is to get out your Diet Center book and plan the next days meals after you have eaten your evening meal, while you are full and can make logical choices. A better way is to plan for a few days in advance or even cook extra on the weekend and freeze meals. Such as, cook a roast up and weigh/measure for subsequent meals.

Make sure to have a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit on hand to change up your meals. And variety ensures a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t wonder aimlessly through your meals. Make a plan and stick to it!



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